Professional Muslim: The State Of To Be Or Not To Be

Jemaah prayer in the mosque will give us massive reward from Allah

Love it or hate it, being Muslim is no longer enough. Yes, sure you did the daily necessary ibadah and what not, but if Islam ruling the world was all you ever dream of, that’s not going to be enough. The world never did accept a regular common Muslim to rule, as it’s a job for something bigger, something greater, a job for Professional Muslims to handle. Why do I have to jump to the professional Muslim thing all of the sudden, you might ask. I’ll get straight to the point here, the world is demanding for professional Muslims to pop-out one by one and make it a better place. And by professional Muslim I mean, a Muslim that not only lead himself but the people too towards a better end. One that’s not only excelled in what was obligatory, but also in matters regarding Fardhu Kifayah. All in all, do you even know what it takes to be a professional Muslim?

I’ll start off easy, first impressions are everything. And by first impression I mean it’s how you look, how you dress and how you present yourself to the masses. Seeing is believing, so people said. Being a professional Muslim means that you dress accordingly to the time and situation. Say, if you’re a doctor, you should wear what professional doctors wear to work but when you’re out of duty and say, you’re going to the mosque at night be it for having daily dose of Jemaah prayer or to listen to a talk, you should dress accordingly. I mentioned dressing of all things is because it’s the first thing the people will notice of you and I too personally think that what we wear on the outside resembles us on the inside. Now tell me this, would you see a doctor whose shirt is undone and untidy or a doctor who is perfectly dressed? I bet most will choose the latter. Dressing has been a major part of our society and if professional Muslim is what you’re aiming for, then a professional Muslim kind of dress will you have to wear; smart and tidy and presentable.

Smile is a form of Sadaqah

Next stop is attitude. To be a professional Muslim is to be able to grab people by their hand and make them want to follow you and to guide them for the better. Caring, loving, kind, selfless, honest, considerate, courageous and cheerful are some positive attitudes to name a few. The fastest way to make exist of positive attitudes in one individual is to make Rasulullah (peace be upon him) as the mentor. After all, he’s our prophet to begin with and I can’t think of anyone else more worthy than him to be looked up to. Seriously, think about it, you can be either loved or hated by the people. And if it were I, I’d choose being loved anytime of the day. And you know what? Having positive attitudes are the easiest way to be loved by the people. Smile, treat them nicely, tell them good things and hence, you’ll feel the deep, soothing, warm and tingling feeling of love.

How can one Muslim be transformed into a professional one without first altering the state of his mind?

How can one Muslim be transformed into a professional one without first altering the state of his mind? A professional Muslim can never look at things the way normal people do. Something has to be different. They should do so much better. Being open-minded is one way of doing it. Accept other people’s opinion and criticism, as those are the things that aid you to be a better person. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, as they said. Show maturity for the most part and remember that, just preaching stupid things does not make you better than anyone in any way possible. Well, sure some did by doing just that, but we’re talking about professional Muslim here, it’s never acceptable for one Muslim to lack so much in knowledge when our very own religion was built upon it. Perspective when looking at matters too counts, just to put it out here. In short, the state of the mind of one professional Muslim should be far more superior and extensive than its lesser counterpart, as these people are neither here to blabber nor to nag. Professional Muslims existence is to unite and to lead those beneath them and bring forth a better future that’ll last for eternity and having a great mind is the way to start.

To be a professional Muslim is for one to have multiple superiority in multiple branches of knowledge. I can’t deny how important it is to have experts in regards to the teachings of our religion, but do know this, the world is system and a system is composed of multiple mechanisms for it to work. Economist, doctors, engineers, politicians, social workers, religious experts, you name it all. Everything coexists together symbiotically to make exist the world we are in now. But nowadays, people are making a thin line between their career and their religion – separating the two. When in reality, the two should work together hand in hand like a dynamic duo. Having Muslims to do just that would be good, but you know what would be better? Having Muslims that are experts in religious matters and is too, besides being good in other fields of knowledge. Imagine a man having the brain of a religious expert, works as an engineer, thinks like a philosopher and speaks like a politician, now that would be one heck of a sight.

All in all, to be a professional Muslim is easier said than done. To be one is not the same as to be a Jack-of-all-trades, as being one is an all-or-none thingy, one either be it or he doesn’t at all. True, it’s hard to become a professional Muslim. You have to change this and that, modify the structure of your life, extrapolate your everything as a whole and what not. You do have to change everything for the better of your religion and not for your own cause, but does it not worth a try?


Syahmy Mustaza
Year 2

Faculty of Medicine
Ain Shams University

Karya Unit
Publications and Information Bureau
PERUBATAN Ain Shams Chapter 2015/2016

The author is the youngest columnist in PCS. It is interesting to note that, he started to join KARYAWAN PCS since his first year in Ain Shams University. He always has a high commitment in fulfilling his duties and always give a best result to any work that he made. Indeed, his writing usually beyond your expectation. Check it out! 

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