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“And do not think ALLAH to be heedless of what the unjust do , he only respites them on a day on which the eyes shall be fixedly open “(14:42)

Their eyes belittle the determination of the weaker people than them, since the past 60 years, the crime against  Palestinians  were put under continuous action even there were gaps between each strike

Palestinian casualties since the start of the Israeli onslaught since 7th July  raised to more than 1500 fatalities and thousands of   injuries recorded , but can you just imagine how many cases more remained  veiled ?

Israelis – 63 of them soldiers and 3 civilians – have died, Israel says, 13 of them were killed on Sunday , causing them to mourn . A payoff that is equivalent as a tribute to their violence .

Netanyahu said in an interview he had “laid the diplomatic foundation that has given us international credit to operate,” listing major Western countries that he said understood Israel’s right to defend itself. The learned lesson from the past led him describing that they are facing good fighters , tough and adversaries in return to the question regarding Hamas . Obama reaffirmed his “strong support for Israel’s right to defend itself,” but suggested that it was based on his understanding that “the current military ground operations are designed to deal with the tunnels. ” defence, but also raised “serious concern about the growing number of casualties,” according to a statement released by the White House. Due to the prior deceits  that have been told, assuredly there will be even more propagandas will be created to cover those lies.

Sunday was the deadliest day since the start of Israel’s assault, with 13 Israeli soldiers and more than 100 Palestinians killed.

Overnight , more than 30 members from two families were killed by the air strike in southern Gaza (Khan Younis and Rafah )

Artillery and air strikes extended to storm the east of Gaza City where the Israeli aircraft were seen over the Sheijaya district for second day and Maghazi neighbourhood .

10 Hamas soldiers died after using tunnels in the northern Gaza strip to infiltrate Israel near the town Sderot .

 UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon


UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, described the Israel assault on the densely populated Sheijaya as an atrocious action .The head of the Cairo-based Arab League, Nabil Elaraby,  considered Israel’s terrible shelling and ground attack operations in the neighbourhood of Shejaiya as a war crime against Palestinian civilians and a dangerous escalation,” the Arab League said in a statement. It is without doubt that action speaks louder than words. The most powerful and fundamental weapon above all is du’a . As such, let’s raise our hand and pray that this turbulence will impede. Meanwhile ,  the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas criticized this act  as a massacre. The situation is intolerable .  In an urgent  talk he said that this is an act of “crime against humanity ’’.

They won the “international legitimacy” for their aggression in Gaza after they  accepted a truce proposed by Egypt on July 15. It was shunned by Hamas shortly after US Secretary of State John Kerry  blamed  Hamas for perpetuating the bloody conflict in Gaza by “stubbornly” refusing all attempts to broker a cease-fire.

Because of their stand, Hamas had “invited further actions” by Israel, they said.

Nentahayu   vowed to continue the brutal act “ as much as we need ‘’. Defending his statement , he mentioned in an interview, Shejaiya, as a “terror stronghold” and a centre for rocket attacks on Israel . Israeli troops had no choice but to enter densely populated areas and that they had asked civilians to leave. Ground troops were sent after air and naval barrages failed to stop the rocket fire targeting  Hamas’ network of tunnel believed used to attack and infiltrate Israel. Even a kindergarten child can differentiate between a criminal and a victim. How on Earth people lacking of military support and fund are labelled as criminals and terrorist when they only fight to redeem their country’s independence ?

Scene of utter devastation , the bloodiest assault , Sheijaiya  was in tremendous damage .

Many of those who fled Shejaiiya headed for Gaza City’s Shifa hospital, which was engulfed in chaos. Ambulances that had finally and briefly been given access to the site of the carnage sped in steadily, ferrying the dead during the humanitarian ceasefire that only last for two hours in soon after the terrible shelling .

Relatives mourned one of four children killed by an Israeli attack 

At the morgue, dozens crowded the entrance demanding to be let in to look for missing relatives – and too often found them. Inside the hospital, the staff put mattresses on floors to accommodate the injured, while other patients were evacuated . Let us take the example they had clearly portrait to be among those to stand  on the frontline when there happens to be any kind of attack that may affect Malaysia and Malaysian  economically  and intellectually for the sake of Islam and the peace we preserve .

The Israeli offensive has led to complete destruction of  1675 Palestinians homes and partial destruction of 2190 others , Ministry of housing said . As regard to this situation, some of them were placed in schools and other institutions for shelter.

Tears in Gaza

Their loss is our concern. The demonstrations held  worldwide manifested the support for the Palestinians comes from around the globe,  against the crime committed by the Israelis.


Anas ibn Malik reported, the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessing be upon him said :

‘‘None of you has faith  until he loves  his brother or his neighbour what he  loves for himself ’’


An anti-Israel demonstration was held on Sunday in a Parisian suburb of Sarcelles, dubbed ‘Little Jerusalem’ for its large community of Sephardic Jews. It was the second in a row of unauthorized protests in the French capital which turned violent over the weekend.

In Amsterdam, some 3,000 participated in the march, demanding an immediate end to the Israeli military operation in Gaza. People carried signs reading “Stop the war” and “Israel war criminals.” A similar rally in Stockholm gathered 1,000 participants.

gaza1Protesters around the world

In addition, some 2,000 protesters took to the streets of Sydney in opposition to the Israeli ground invasion of Gaza. Parents took their children with them for the rally.

Meanwhile in Jordan, hundreds of mainly Islamic Jordanian protesters burnt Israeli flags in Amman on Sunday, Reuters reports. Demonstrators called on Palestinian Hamas militants to step up rocket attacks against Israeli towns and cities to avenge civilian deaths caused by Israel’s offensive in Gaza

On top of that, thousands marched to the Israeli Consulate in Chicago, home to a quarter million Palestinians, demanding a halt to Israel’s military action in Gaza.

In Kashmir a teenage boy was killed Saturday during a rally against Israel’s invasion of Gaza, police said. Kashmir has witnessed massive pro-Palestinian protests almost every day since Israel launched its military campaign in Gaza. Protesters have burned Israeli flags and clashed with government forces at several places in the region.

About 5,000 people gathered in the Chilean capital to protest against Israel’s military strikes in Gaza in retaliation for Hamas rocket fire on Israeli cities. The march took demonstrators to the Israeli embassy in Santiago.

Recently , both sides are organized and active, though the hashtag GazaUnderAttack has been used in nearly four million Twitter posts, compared with 170,000 for #Israel UnderFire, according to Topsy, a social-media search engine. Mr. Youmans  attributed  that to broader sympathy for Palestinians, but also noted that Israel has a more coherent campaign powered by institutions.   It’s time to show your support twitterians ! Don’t miss it. As they are using the power of media to manipulate facts and propagate false reports, then let the site be the battlefield to fight back. With social media, awareness and truth can be revealed and broadcasted to all people.

Hashtag popularity difference between Gaza vs Israel

Undoubtedly, we only have finite power to stop the war but we still can demonstrate our deepest concern for the Palestinians. As long as we keep doing it with our fullest might, the outcome becomes less important. For instance, the share of the Mc Donald which is known as one of the main company who contributes for the Israel doomed massively since the launch of the boycott campaign.

Abu Sa’eed  Al – Khudri  reported , the Messanger of Allah, peace and blessing be upon him , said :

‘’Whoever among you sees evil should change it with his hand . if he is unable to do so , then with his tongue . if he is unable to do so , then let him at least hate it in his heart and that is the weakest of faith’’


The fact that they have been manipulating the facts on what is happening for their own sake  in media , to win the heart of the people all around the world is a total shame on them, if and  only if the truth had a tongue .

Sources : Al Jazeera

Series of ceasefires that follows the attack for humanitarian reason do not seem to be obeyed thoroughly by the Israeli .  28th July , during the Eid eve,  Shifa hospital was bombarded raising the fatalities and injuries to a serious count leaving them shedding tears with the death  of their family members and the end of the Ramadhan. Eid Syahid for the martyrs in Gaza .

A 72 hours ceasefire , beginning 8.00 am Friday , was agreed between two sides after three weeks conflicts raising the death toll  to more than 1400 Palestinians of mostly civilians and 56 IDF soldiers since their longest assault upon Gaza on the 24th day . This crucial ceasefire is aimed to provide the opportunity for the Palestinians to carry out vital functions including burying the dead , taking care of the injured and restocking the supplies and repairing  the essential water and energy  infrastructure Nevertheless, Israeli forces bombarded the town of Rafah in response to the apparent capture of one of its soldiers by Hamas, Second Lieutenant Hadar Goldin.  After an internationally brokered ceasefire collapsed almost immediately.

Peace talks planned in Cairo to take advantage of the truce stalled before they began, as the threat of a new escalation loomed.

The United States and the United Nations supported Israeli accounts that Hamas had taken advantage of the 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire to ambush Israel Defence Forces (IDF) soldiers near the entrance to a tunnel outside Rafah, on the southern end of the Gaza Strip on the Egyptian border, killing two soldiers at the same time as seizing Goldin.

 USA is funding Israel to attack Gaza Strip

Barack Obama said Hamas should be held responsible for the collapse of the ceasefire and demanded that the militant group immediately release Goldin. From his statement ,it was “hard to reconcile” support for Israel’s self-defence

Reports from the town’s al-Najar hospital described bloodied bodies lying on stretchers and across the floor, as family members searched frantically for missing relatives. In 25 days of fighting, more than 1,500 Palestinians have been killed, as well as 63 Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians.

Several other medical institutions have been forced to close or have been badly damaged during four weeks of war. “humanitarian space” in Gaza was shrinking, with intense fighting in the north, east and south of the strip seriously impeding its work.

#solidarity with Gaza

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