Ants inside your home can be a seasonal or year-round problem. Many ant species build
their nests outdoors but once they discover a good food source they may continue to come inside, collect their food and leave to take the food back to their outdoor colony.
Most of the end species do not pose a health treat but they can contaminate food by leaving their bodily waste behind but the sting of a red fire ant is painful and often results in a raised welt that becomes a white blister.

As they like to eat dead insects and sugary sweets, sanitation is an important step in prevention and control.


House flies can be a real nuisance when they are flying around! They prefer corners and edges to rest on. Indoors, they rest on floors, walls and ceilings.
Outdoors, they will rest on plants, the ground, and garbage cans.
House flies are major carriers of disease. They are known to transfer over 100 pathogens including typhoid, tuberculosis, cholera and dysentery.

House flies collect these pathogens on their legs and mouths when feeding on feces, trash and other decaying material.

To prevent it may be something simple like an covered trash can or a bowl food.

However the breeding site must be cleaned up or removed. If not removed, the flies will continue to be a problem.

Bed bugs are great at hiding and have been  known to hitch hike in luggage, personal  belongings or even you.
They only feed on blood and prefer to bemore active at night when the host is  asleep. It is possible that they can carry diseases, however, they are not known to transmit diseases to people.

TIPS:Remove all clutter from your home, which makes finding bed bugs easier.Wash and dry your bed linens on the hottest temperature permitted.Closely inspect any second hand furniture before bring home.

Cockroaches, are the most common  insect pests infesting homes, and objectionable to most people simply by
their presence.

They are capable of mechanically transmitting disease organisms such as the bacteria which cause food poisoning. Recently, cockroaches have been found to be an important source of allergy in people, second  to house dust.

Cockroaches prefer to live where there is food, warmth and moisture. Since cockroaches flourish where food and moisture are readily available, sanitation is an important step in prevention and control.

Empty soft drink bottles, boxes and paper bags should not be allowed to accumulate. Food containers should be sealed and any spillage cleaned up.



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