They told me a story,

That this dunya is temporary,

Between miserable and bliss,

I choose bliss.


 They told me a story,

We were loved before we could love ,

World disappear when we’re together.

And I know it is not a love of fairytales .

They told me a story ,

About a pure kind,

To give others more than what we can have for ourself,

And I know its Ithar.

They told me a story,

The chains that tight our heart is a gift from God,

Yet still we asked for a tighter chain,

And I know its Iman.

They told me a story,

That we inherit a merciful spirit,

For sincere and untouched soul from material world,

And I know its called


I learnt something now,

A beautiful part of the deen,

A complete satisfaction,

Where my heart find its gravity to make me fall to Akhirah.


 And I need to fill this soul ,

To remind me that I am powerless alone,

And sisters,

Please guide me to my path ,

To meet the Strength of the strong.



Nurul Madiha binti Hamidon
Kuliah Perubatan Tahun 3
Universiti Ain Shams

Unit Karya
Biro Penerbitan dan Penerangan
PERUBATAN Cawangan Ain Shams

Karya ini dihasilkan untuk pertandingan karya bersempena kempen Smart Circle “eSCape’15” anjuran MENTOR COUNCIL PCS yang diadakan pada bulan Mac yang lalu. Ruangan ini disediakan untuk menerapkan kepentingan smart cicle dalam membina kesatuan dan sahsiah dalam kalangan ahli PCS.

Artikel ini ialah pendapat peribadi penulis dan tidak semestinya mewakili pendapat PERUBATAN Online.