Ramadan Boosters : 17 Tips to Re-connect with Ramadan

Finally it’s end of Shaa’ban we are in.

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Ramadan recharge!

We need a pause, a pause to win Ramadan by the will of The Most Gracious. Do not let its days slip by like any other day; the days of Ramadan are precious if it lapses then it will never come back again.

What would you do if you were to expect an important guest, while your home in a state of mess and needs be cleaned first? Would you start decoration with its unclean state or start cleaning before anything else?

How many people did not reach Ramadan?

Others were not destined to reach the upcoming Ramadan.

The Journey Starts Here – Bismillah !

  1. Purify our intentions Lillahi taala

From now on, put down a plan with an objective and a sincere intention to prepare for Ramadan. Hence, if your time comes before reaching Ramadan, you would die with a sincere intention and a righteous deed by the will of Allah.

Now let us experience together some of the preparation plans for Ramadan in the month of Sha’ban. But before that, evoke in your mind the importance and sensitivity of time, do not let any minute  pass without benefiting from the preparation scheme of Ramadan.

By the will of Allah if such practice took place the whole year, most of our days will be full of adorned reward.

Begin by fixing your obligations, take stances at Allah’s boundaries, and judge yourself for the sins you committed the last eleven months since the past Ramadan :

  • Repent from the past sins of the year before receiving Ramadan.
  • Clear your heart of any doubt or desire, repent from every forbidden glance, or sinful listening, or anything your hand committed and your feet walked to.
  • Remember that Allah feels jealousy, his jealousy is the matters he forbade be offended.
  • Beware of procrastinating repentance, deceived with Allah’s patience and conceal upon you, Allah Almighty respites the unjust until he takes him at a glance, and if he took him, he won’t leave him.

Do not start a deed unless you evoke a sincere intention. Your deed will not be accepted unless it was with a sincere intention in accordance to religious rules. Learn the rules governing fasting and teach it to your family and who you know from your community from now on.

  1. Discipline and consistency

Discipline yourself and ordain it with piety from now, as Ramadan is the school of piety.

The Prophet ﷺ said in a narration collected by al-Bukhaaree (rahimahullah) on the authority of ‘Aaisha (radi Allahu ‘anha),

“Upon you is that which you have the ability to do. By Allah, Allah will never become bored, and will thus continue to reward you until you yourself become bored with doing good deeds. Verily, the most beloved Deen to Allah is that which an individual is the most consistent upon.”

[Reported by al-Bukhaari, Fath, 3/38, English Reference: Volume 1 :: Book 2 :: Hadith 41]

Consistency involves doing the simple, basic things, repeatedly, so that they become second-nature. It involves taking it slow. It’s really easy actually, but it takes time, and results may not be apparent straight away. This makes us feel impatient.

Lasting change requires patience. In the age where we can get everything faster (food, information, entertainment, etc.), our patience has become thinner, so we focus on trying to get results quicker.

Anything worth having though, usually takes time.

Consistency first. Focus on the basics. Gradually go up, that’s far more beloved by Allah.

  1. Ties your kinship with others

Start joining your kinship ties and beware of cutting it.

However, if we know this let us ask, who is the person that joins kinship?

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ, Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon him, demonstrated by saying: “Whom joins kinship not the one rewarding, but the one who joins it when it is severed.” [Reported by Al-Bukhari]

Enjoy your day and night in a peace of mind, while others burn of jealousy from others. Be keen on having a clean heart from now, clearing it to be occupied by Ramadan and nothing else.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ was asked who is the best of people? He answered, “The one with pure heart and truthful tongue”. They said, “The one with truthful tongue we know, but what about the one with pure heart?” He Replied, “He is the pious and pure with no sin nor unjust clear of grudge and envy.”
[Reported by Ibn Majah]

  1. Cut back unproductive demands!

Many people spend long hours on the internet, wasting many bounties in Ramadan. Where are they from Imam Malik Ibn ‘Anas, when Ramadan arrived he fled from reviewing Hadith and sitting with people of knowledge to sit and recite the Qur’an.

Start now!

Start from now –If you were an internet addict- to lessen the hours you spend surfing the net, and know that Ramadan will not wait for you.

Take the initiation make up the days you missed in the past Ramadan for a religious excuse.

  1. Don’t rush! Prepare now

In Ramadan, people rush to make more than a complete recite of the Qur’an. In order, the recitations becomes easy and swift begin from Sha’ban intensifying the time of recitation, so if you are accustomed to one part let it be two or even three, why not complete a full recitation in ten days.

  1. Increased your nawafil prayer

In Ramadan, different kinds of prayers take place, Taraweeh (Supererogatory Prayer associated with ‘Isha’), Qiyam (voluntary night prayer), and other supererogatory prayers. To get used to long periods of standing without any fatigue or exhaustion, dedicate a period for night prayer, let it be an hour and increase it gradually. Also, get used to long bowing and prostrating.

  1. List your dua as from now on

From now on, accustom yourself with long supplicating and memorize some of the Prophet’s, Prayers and Peace of Allah be upon him, authentic invocations. It sums up speech in few words, better, more blessed, and closer to answering by the will of Allah.

  1. Fasting in Syaaban

Get used to fasting so you would not feel worn out while fasting the first couple of days in Ramadan by the will of Allah. Fast a day and leave the other, and increase your fasting days before Ramadan.

‘Aisha May Allah be pleased with her narrated that “The Prophet ﷺ, , didn’t fast a month as a much as Sha’ban, he was used to fast the whole month of sha’ban.

[Reported by Al-Bukhari]
  1. Feeds the needy and give charities

Be prepared to feed the poor and needy, breaking the fast of people fasting. Start from now to increase the quantity of food you prepare for dinner, and give out the excess food to the poor in your neighborhood or your building’s Janitor.

Give alms on daily basis, so you get used to charity in Ramadan and being among whom mentioned in the Hadith narrated by Abu Huraira May Allah be pleased with him.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “In every morning a believer rises in two angels descend one of them says, “O Allah compensate the alms giver” and the other says, “O Allah diminish the wealth of the stingy”. [Authenticated by Al-Albani]

If it was your habit to give charity in other than Ramadan, then increase the quantity you give out in Rajab or Sha’ban whenever you can.

  1. Lessen intake of food and eat healty food.
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Lessen your intake of food during Sha’ban, the more food the lazier you become in performing acts of worship in Ramadan. Accustom yourself to less proportions of food from now on or base your meals upon small-diversified quantities. Also, base your diet on vegetables, fruits and dates to maintain the level of liquids in the body and needed energy.

  1. Regulate your sleep routine

Sleep early, wake up early. Neglect staying up at night, try to sleep earlier, and wake up one hour prior to Fajr prayer or earlier to practice Qiyam and supplication to Allah.

Try to sleep less hours, if your habit is to sleep eight hours make it six or less without exhausting your body, compensate it with the Mid-day nap (before Duhr prayer by two hours).

The following sleep routine requires you to prepare for it at least 90 minutes BEFORE you actually sleep. And it’s basically dividing those 90 minutes into 3 parts:

One third for Your Lord:

This starts with you making wudhu, brushing your teeth, putting on nice clothes and perfume and praying Tahajjud and Witr for Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala). It’s really calming after going through a long hard day, to stand in front of your Lord, recite His verses,supplicate to Him and ask Him of whatever you desire in this world and the Next.

One third for Your Self:

Getting into bed and reading a good book for at least 30 minutes. Alternatively, instead of reading, you may spend these 30 minutes brainstorming on a plain notebook any ideas,plans, andprojects you have in mind. In the morning, you’ll be surprised at what your sub-conscious mind brings forth for you.

One third for Your Sleep:

Truly this is a third for your Lord to bless your sleep, and basically this involves going through the duas and verses that one should recite before sleeping as per the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). These include reciting Surah Al-Mulk and Surah Al-Sajdah and other supplications! recommended before sleeping.

  1. Special acts of worship for Allah !

Do new acts of worship that you never did before. For example Recite 1000 verses that is equal to Part 29 and 30 in the Qur’an, give a large sum of money as charity. Moreover, you could perform a new act –That really exists in the religion not innovated- you never did before to be inclined to observe great acts of worship in Ramadan.

  1. Schedule your time around salah

Organize your time and follow it. Make a table to evaluate your performance and the accomplished acts of worship you set up for yourself. It is not an innovation in the Religion, but only to monitor your acts and to win paradise, by the will of Allah, which is your main aim.

Withdraw bit-by-bit from meaningless gatherings that wastes your time. Boycott TV, and any distraction, in case it is permissible, if forbidden then its compulsory to abandon it completely and repent with intention of never returning to it.

  1. Leave bad words

From this moment devote your tongue for the remembrance of Allah; do not slack in remembrance of Allah like Astaghfirullah, Subahan Allah and La ilaha Illa Allah. It is an easy worship with heavy and great reward from Allah.

  1. Organize your study schedule

Organize your daily study schedule beginning from now so that your distraction from worship decreases in Ramadan. Prioritize your tasks and needs so that you would cover most of it before Ramadan.

  1. Revise and memorize new Surahs

Try to revise or memorize some Surahs so you could recite it in your supererogatory prayers in Ramadan. The happy person who prays and supplicates with verses he knows by heart.

  1. Plan together with housemates

Housemates is your family here, isn’t it ? Why not try planning your Ramadan journey with your housemates. Its implications for the family and the need to eat Iftar together when possible as well as to attend Tarawih prayers, for example, will allow members of your house to adjust their work and study schedules accordingly.

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Tick tock tick tock

Is dinnertime usually an individual affair in your home, as opposed to a time the whole family eats together? Are Friday evenings the time every family member goes off to his/her own social activities? Planning in advance can change this at least in Ramadan.

That will, Insha Allah, make Ramadan a blessing not just to every person, but to the housemates as a whole.

With Allah, there’s always success.

May Allah bless us. Remember, do not over burden yourself with large loads and 10 hour a day lesson plans (if that is beyond your ability).

Put your trust in Allah, be proficient, work hard, pace yourself, and do as much as you can, consistently; for verily,

“A little which is consistent, is better and far more in quantity than a lot which suddenly stops.”

And with Allah, is all success.

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