Short Story Feline, the Conqueror

“Late again, as usual. That fat lazy brat,” said Kakashi, murmuring soporifically to himself when he saw Abu, the human medical student walked quickly to class. Kakashi, the heterochromatic cat lived in the same building as Abu. He was a proud cat, having fluffy white and grey fur. What made him even prouder; he was always convinced that cat species will conquer the world one day. Well, if you look at the behavior of humans around him, you will absolutely agree with him.

“You know, all humans are like that. My maidservant, she doesn’t even go to class sometimes. What’s worse; she acts innocent on that important matter,” Betty, a Persian tabby coming from behind, giving her honest opinion. Betty lived in a human’s house. She was a pet. But all cats believed that humans were their pets. It’s the matter of perspective, you know.

Kakashi nodded. Both of them continued discussing seriously about the fall of human morals. They shared the stories they heard from other cats, saying that some humans had started to adapt the cat’s sleeping habit; more than 12 hours of sleep a day. They seemed to be annoyed that humans were imitating their lifestyle.

Actually, the cats in Abbasiyyah had started to plan something big. They called it ‘The Awakening’. The idea came from a young female Maine Coon, named Princess. She was a fluffy white cat who had critical thinking. For months she had been observing the realities of the world, the conflicts, the conspiracies, the unending street demonstrations and other destructions caused by humans. At the annual cat meeting, she suggested that cats should take over the duty of being leaders of the world from humans. She convinced the other cats that since the time of the Pharaohs, cats had long been worshipped. Cats had strong influence to the world. Princess was a very good public speaker. She delivered the messages clearly and realistically without being too theoretical like most humans did.

The meeting of Cats Council. Huhu

At the end of the meeting, majority of the cat representatives agreed to start working on ‘The Awakening’. Well, although there were some pessimist cats who said their lives were good enough already and that cats shouldn’t intervene with humans’ duties; they were just the minority and in life, the majorities always win. Cat community had some similar characteristics as humans’. The majority always rules. The idea which was supported by most influential individuals was always considered the best, no matter how terrible it actually was. And the most pathetic truth; change is bad!

Soon the cats started to work hard on the mission. Each cat had his own responsibilities towards making the plan a success. They spied on humans, recorded their weaknesses and flaws, planning the solutions for every problem that occurred in the world, and most importantly, not forgetting to improve the cat community physically, mentally and spiritually. They also put excellent efforts on developing each cat’s strengths and abilities. They worked together, day and night, encouraging each other to be better day after day. Comot, the eldest of the cats was very amused to see the positive changes in cat’s life. Never before had he encountered any cat willing to sacrifice his leisure time to devote himself towards building a better community.

Some of the spies enlisted were Keebo, Didi, Isabelle and Bummie. Every week they presented reports on human activities and the relations of these activities with the destruction of the world.

Keebo said “I heard there was a huge fight between two human cliques. Well, some said three. Not really sure of the main cause, but most probably about authority matters. You know, like us and the dogs; both are competing for power,”.

“Wait…I thought they were arguing about small things like which is more important; going to class or involving in co-curricular activities. And other stuffs like some people don’t play their parts in serving the community. You know, selfish lads problems,” Bummie added.

“Oh for God’s sake, they never move on! I’ve heard of those arguments since I was born! Everyone’s doing his own job, neglecting people around him. I have no idea why humans had this kind of mentality. One only cares about his own life. No wonder global issues like poverty, child slaves and oppressions never end,” claimed Didi, the 3 years old cat with deep disappointment.

Isabelle, who had been listening since the beginning started to speak. “Now that we know humans can’t even solve little problems, can’t fix their relationships among each other, can’t unite to become stronger species; we might as well avoid all those causes. Let’s learn from their mistakes and spread messages of reminder to our community,”.

Months had passed, seasons had changed, and the world continued collapsing. The research team had identified and listed some of the most crucial weaknesses in human beings:

1. Selfishness had become their culture. Other people’s problems are not theirs and trying to help other people means they are wasting their life.

2. They gain knowledge for nothing. Not many of them seem to be using the knowledge and skills they had to improve the community. They just learn to collect dozens of certificates. It’s more like a hobby than a responsibility.

3. Materials are the most precious of things. It doesn’t matter if their neighbor is starving; as long as they get to buy brand new shoes, life is good. Their financial plan goes like this: weekly dinner at famous capitalist restaurant, monthly new shoes or clothes, biannual change of electronic gadgets and going to cinema whenever they want to.

4. The physique is just for show off. Regular visits at the gym, daily jog at the parks, hours and hours spent for aerobics exercise, ridiculously expensive supplements; are all aimed for enchanting bodies, not for benefiting the society.

5. Stick to tradition. Any suggestion for a change is out of discussion!

6. If there’s anything unsatisfactory, simply complain. Complain to the authority, to the influential people, to the society, to anyone. There’s no time for reflection and self-improvement. Just complain.

7. Something they don’t know about is absolutely bad. And it must be rejected no matter how logic and rational the explanation is. Plus, new things will bring new works. And new works mean no time for rest and leisure. So yes, that’s absolutely bad.

8. Whatever the influential people say is true and must be appreciated. Any contradictory opinion coming from Mr. Nobody is immediately out of question. Simply use any pointless arguments to reject it. The more, the better. More means winning.

9. ‘If you are not with us, you are against us’. Some ridiculous humans stick to this motto.

10. What’s important is the theory. The plan for practice is not that crucial. But if someone goes against the theory, or question anything, try to react in any kind of way to reject and destroy him.

When Isabelle finished reading the list, she almost fainted. Never in her life had she thought she might encounter such foolishness. And never in her life had she forced herself to believe that humans were entrusted to rule the world.

Early in the morning, when the humans were busy sleeping comfortably after their prayer, the cats gathered and swore in God’s name, to take over the duties of making the world a better place.

They swore to teach humans some lessons, because humans seemed to be drowned in the comfort zone. Since there was no unity among humans, the cats’ job to conquer the world seemed a lot easier.

And they swore to keep ‘The Awakening’ as top secret. At any cost, no human should know about this plan, or humans will unite and become stronger again.

I’m sorry if this story seems provocative, racist and stuffs, but I can’t keep this information to myself without doing anything. Now that you read this, keep it a secret, will you? And please plan a counter attack to defend the honour of the human world. Because we are running out of time. If we don’t act now, the cats will take the upper hand.

No way!

AUTHOR : Siti Sarah binti Mustaza
5th Year
Faculty of Medicine
Ain Shams University


Deserve total mark. Presentation through a highly imaginative person.
Critics on human so well develop and the whole point is just very amazing.


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