Abbasiyah, July 31 –  Shantah Ramadan gave-out ended yesterday after a meeting with the Vice Dean of Faculty of Medicine of Ain Shams University, Dr Aisha Aboul Fotoh with all the volunteers. The meeting, which was took place in the faculty itself, was held at noon after all the volunteers gave out 100 shantah, consisted of food supply in the Paediatric Department of Demerdash Hospital.



” Shantah Ramadan is not just about the thousand pounds gathered, but it is also about your concern to the Egyptians, through their heart especially the children here in Paediatric Department who need concern and care, in this Holy Month of Ramadan, ” said Dr Aisha.

” I also hope you can explain to the people of your country about Egypt, which is going well, though we have hot areas where the media concentrates on it but the rest of Egypt is doing well, evidenced by our meeting today. I ask everyone to pray for Egypt to pass this prolonged period of time, ” she added.

 When asked about the final examination’s result, she said, the result will come out this week and especially for the 5th year students-to-be, she hopes that they will enjoy their upcoming academic year which will be so much interesting with all the clinical practices for them to finally feel like a real doctor.


Shantah Ramadan is a program held by Welfare Bureau of PERUBATAN Ain Shams Chapter and it is one of the main programs in the whole event of Ihya’ Ramadan or IHRAM.